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Introduction to Fundamental Principles of Glaciology - Field trip on Vernagt Glacier

This field trip will bring you to one of the highest mountain huts in Austria (2755m), surrounded by the stunning summits of the Ötztal Alps. The field exercise complements the theory outlined in the lectures in glaciology (Module "Galziologie“ at the University of Bremen, with WiSe lectures „Allgemeine Glaziologie“ and „Feldmethoden der Glaziologie“). Exercises will be carried out at and on the Vernagt Glacier. The course covers geophysical measurements (like radar, seismics, gravimetry), classical field glaciology (snow pits, stake measurements) as well as geodesy (GPS). You will learn how to determine the inner structure of a glacier, its geometry, and the controlling boundary conditions.

The field trip will accompanied by a three-day data analysis course, in which the data from the field trip will be interpreted.

For participation, attendance of the above mentioned lectures is required. In case of doubt or possible exceptions, please contact the lecturer.


Application and data analysis of field methods used in glaciology


Based on the field trip and the data analysis course, each student or a group of students (max three) will submit a 5-page report on one particular method and obtained data set.
This report forms the basis for the overall evaluation.


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