Seminar arktische und antarktische Glaziologie

Veranstalter: Angelika Humbert


In this seminar we will study the cryosphere in the Northern hemisphere, including the major Greenland Ice Sheet, the ice cap and tidewater glaciers of Svalbard, the former Barents Sea Ice Sheet, Norwegian Glaciers, the largest Swedish glacier, as well as ice glacier dynamics in Iceland, Canada and ice shelf dynamics in the Canadian Arctic.


After successful completion of the course, students will have acquired …
a) an understanding of
- the components of the cryosphere in the Northern hemisphere
- the large scale dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet and its recent changes
- surface mass balance of ice sheet, ice caps and glaciers in the Arctic
b) experience in
- carrying out literature study of a specific topic
- preparing and performing a scientific presentation
- moderating a class room discussion




Detailed literature list will be given during the seminar to each participant according to the chosen topic.