Einführung in die Glaziologie

Veranstalter: Angelika Humbert


In this course we will study both, glaciological processes, as well as ice sheets as a system. Thus, the topics range from the deformation and structure of ice on the micro scale to the large scale dynamics of ice sheets, streams and ice shelves. Lots of examples allow the students to derive and understanding of the entire system Antarctica, ranging from its thermal structure and snow accumulation to the effects of climate change on the stability of ice sheets. The course contains cross-links to field observations and remote sensing observations of ice.


After successful completion of the course, students will have acquired …
a) an understanding of
- the dynamics of ice sheets, streams, ice shelves and glaciers
- the ice-atmosphere, ice-ocean and ice-lithosphere interaction
- the role of ice sheets in the climate system, their mass balance and the stability of ice sheets and shelves
- glaciological processes, e.g. calving and sliding
b) experience in
- assessing the changes of a major ice sheet, e.g. Antarctica
- deriving concepts for studying the dynamics of ice sheets, streams and ice shelves


mündliche Prüfung


Cuffey&Patterson, Physics of Glaciers, 2010
Benn & Evans, ‘Glaciers and Glaciation’, 2010
course manuscript