Geowissenschaftliches Kolloquium

Donnerstag, 08. Mai 2014 - 16:15 Uhr
GEO-Gebäude, R 1550 (Hörsaal)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Lüttge

Predicting Mineral Dissolution Rates – Fiction or Realistic Vision?

Andreas Lüttge is a Professor at the MARUM, University of Bremen, Germany, since July 2012. He teaches mineralogy and kinetics of fluid-solid reactions. Lüttge received his PhD and Habilitation at the University of Tübingen, Germany. In 1995, he followed an invitation from Yale University (USA) as a Lynen-fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation (1995-1998). In 1999, he accepted an offer from Rice University in Houston, Texas (USA) where he had a joined appointment as a tenured professor in the Departments of Earth Science and Chemistry until June 2013. Now, he still keeps his ties with this institution as a professor emeritus with a research professorship. Lüttge and his group are focusing their work on the physico-chemical interactions between solids and aqueous fluids. The kinetics of such processes play an important role in many natural and man-made geo-systems such as water quality in reservoirs, CO2-sequestration, diagenetic processes, cement hydration, and the management of high-level nuclear waste.