Cooperation Professorship: Alfred-Wegener-Institut Bremerhaven

Earth Systems Data Science

Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner

(Only in German)
1995 Diplom in Biologie und
1998 Promotion Technische Universität München

2004-2019 Professor für Bioinformatik, Jacobs Universität Bremen;
2010-2019 Leiter der Forschungsgruppe mikrobielle Genomik und Bioinformatik am Max-Planck-Institut für Marine Mikrobiologie, Bremen;

Seit 2019 Professor für Erdsystem Datenwissenschaften, Universität Bremen;
Leiter des Bereichs Daten, Alfred-Wegener-Institut Bremerhaven;
Außerordentlicher Professor für Bioinformatik, Jacobs Univ. Bremen

Forschungsdatenmanagement, Bioinformatik, Phylogenie, Meeresforschung

Research on global challenges like climate change and the loss of biodiversity demands for publicly available, high quality and interoperable data. These data can only be provided if different disciplines in earth systems research and biodiversity research work closely together. My highly interdisciplinary team of geologists, biologists, engineers and software developers located at the AWI and MARUM has a national and international proven track record in research data management, data logistics and data science. Our integrated data driven view enables transforming the wealth of heterogenous information into new knowledge for innovation and policy advice.

Working Area

  • Open access and reusability of research data according to the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data principles
  • Global patters of biodiversity and the effect of anthropogenic influence
  • Phylogeny and taxonomy
  • Custom-tailored development and sustainable operation of research data infrastructures


Data information systems PANGAEA, SILVA, O2A and projects GFBio, de.NBI, ELIXIR. Datacuration, development of standards, ontologies, data harmonisation, provenance, data integration, data mining, statistics, bioinformatics, `Omics & GIS-technologies


Telefon +49 421 218 - 65592