Cooperation Professorship Alfred-Wegener-Institut Bremerhaven


Prof. Dr. Olaf Eisen

1999 Diplom Geophysik, Universität Karlsruhe, 2003 Promotion Universität Bremen, 2010 Habilitation Universität Heidelberg

seit 1999 Alfred-Wegener-Institut Bremerhaven, 1995/96 und 2001 University of Alaska Fair-banks, 2005/6 VAW, ETH, Zürich, 2008-13
Nachwuchsgruppenleiter AWI & Universität Heidelberg

Seit 2014 Professor Universität Bremen

Massenbilanz und Eigenschaften der Eisschilde und Gletscher, Wechselwirkung Klima-Eisdynamik, Paläoglaziologie

The properties and dynamics oft the large ice sheets and their interaction with the at-mosphere, ocean and the geological sub-surface form the central objectives of the professorship. Main applications range from pre-site survey for suitable locations for ice-core deep drilling and the subsequent support for proxy interpretation to re-construction of paleoclimate conditions to the improved understanding of ice dynam-ics and possible contributions of ice-mass changes to sea level rise.

Working Area

Main areas are East Antarctica (for the quest for Oldest Ice), various ice streams and shelves in East and West Antarctica, as well as outlet glaciers and plateau re-gions in Greenland. Comparative studies and methodological development take also place in alpine and subarctic glaciers.


Measurements in the field are of special relevance: physical properties of the ice column with geophysical methods (groundbased and airborne radar, explosive and vibro-seismics, passive seismology); combination with geodetic (GNSS) and atmospheric observations (weather stations); close exchange with numerical ice-flow modelling, satellite remote sensing and ice-core analytics.


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