Research Group

Marine Engineering Geology

Prof. Dr. Tobias Mörz

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Marine engineering geology in Germany is a young and evolving interdisciplinary field. It incooperates parts of soil mechanics, engineering of coastal and offshore constructions, geotechnical engineering and marine geology. Fundamental research of this field at continental margins helps to describe and quantify mass transport, turnover and deposition phenomenas. Examples in our working group are the evaluation of slope stabilities, laboratory determination of hydraulic conductivities and consolidation of marine sediments. In our more applied work we will focus on accompanying studies of new and innovative applied geotechnical methods (e.g. new methods in pipe- and cable laying).

Working Area

Slope and rise of the West Antarctic Peninsula, continental slope offshore Central America, applied geotechnical field studies in Germany and Europe.


Shear strength and consolidation testing, determination of sedimentphysical parameters by means of logging and laboratory testing, sedimentary and structural characterisation of sediments (grain-size analysis, x-ray tomography). Lab tests prior to geotechnical and constructional field projects.


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