RCOM Professorship

Marine Geophysics

Prof. Dr. Tilo von Dobeneck

1985 Diploma and 1993 Promotion in Geophysics at University of Munich; 1999 Habilitation for Geophysics, University of Bremen.

1986–88 Institute for Fund. and Appl. Geophysics, University of Munich; 1989–92 Private entrepreneur in Gascoigne, France, France; 1993–2002 Assistent at Dept. of Geosciences, University of Bremen; 2001–02 Visting research fellow at the Paleomagnetic Laboratory of Utrecht University, Netherlands.

Professor in Bremen since 2002

Research areas:
Marine Rock and Environmental Magnetism, magneto- and cyclostratigraphy, sediment dynamics, marine (electro-)magnetic mapping

We use paleo- and rock magnetic together with electromagnetic and optical methods to reconstruct the spatial distribution and temporal variability of marine sedimentary deposits as well as their formation pro-cesses. The magnetization and assemblage of natural iron minerals permit us to draw conclusions on past variations of the Earth‘s magnetic field, on the climatic and environmental history of oceans and continents, and on the provenance, transport, diagenesis and chronology of sediments.

Working Area

Our current working areas are the continental margins of SE Africa, Eastern Canada and W Antarctica, and the N and SW Pacific. In the framework of student and contract projects, we investigate smaller geological and archeological structures in Germany.


Our two automated cryogenic magnetometers and three core logging systems enable rapid and sensitive geophysical analyses of sediment cores. We also run instruments for magnetic high- and low-temperature experiments. We use mobile Overhauser magnetometers for field and marine magnetic exploration. Our benthic profiler NERIDIS III maps magnetic and electric properties of the shallow seafloor at high resolution.


Telefon +49 421 218 - 65310