Geophysics - Geodynamics

Prof. Dr. Marta Pérez Gussinyé

1996-2001 Geodynamics, GEOMAR, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
2001-2005 Dept. of Earth Sciences, Oxford University, United Kingdom
2005-2008 Institute of Earth Sciences, Barcelona, Spain
2009-2015 Dept. of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor at Bremen University since 2015

The main purpose of our research is to understand the dynamics of the lithosphere/asthenosphere system in a variety of tectonic environments and how other more superficial processes such as sedimentation influence them. In particular, we strongly focus on understanding the tectonic evolution and dynamics of passive rifted margins and how the formation of oceanic crust starts. We link onshore and offshore observations of the crustal and lithospheric structure of these margins, with their tectonic plate context to answer questions regarding their tectonic structure, history of faulting, subsidence and heat flow and their potential for natural resources.

Working Area

Our research covers passive and active continental margins, and continental interiors. We have particularly focused on passive continental margins (West-Iberia Newfoundland, Australia-Antarctica, Brazil-Africa, South China Sea), but also worked on geodynamic problems in continental interiors (Africa, South America, Europe, North America) and active margins (Andean margin).


We use observations of the crustal and lithospheric structure of margins from wide-angle and multichannel seismic data with numerical modeling of their dynamics. Numerical models are developed in house and include fully dynamic codes and mixed kinematic-dynamic codes, both using finite element approximations. We also develop inversions of topography and gravity data to gain an understanding of the lateral variations in the lithosphere’s strength.


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