Research Group


Prof. Dr. Reinhard X. Fischer

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Our research area covers: Crystal chemistry and crystal structure analysis of minerals and synthetic inorganic compounds, systematic compilation and standardization of zeolite-type structures. Derivation and compilation of optical constants, programming of comprehensive software packages for Rietveld analysis, Fourier analysis, the display of crystal structures and for crystal chemical calculations, especially for zeolite-type structures and for marine sediments, immobilization of heavy metals, characterization of dental materials. Student training and research are closely related to industrial applications, which is supported by the Central Laboratory for Crystallography and Applied Materials Sciences (ZEKAM).

Working Area

Zeolites and zeolite-type compounds, ceramic compounds, cement and brick phases, dental materials, ion exchanger, catalysts, marine sediments.


Single crystal X-ray diffraction – X-ray and neutron powder diffraction – synchrotron radiation measurements – high temperature diffraction – thermal analysis.


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