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Brochure of the Faculty of Geosciences

With the new 2023 edition of its bilangual brochure the Faculty of Geosciences would like to inform you of its diverse study opportunities and research activities. On 84 colorful pages, we introduce you to our deanery, administration, our 5 bachelor and master study programs, 18 research groups, 2 researchers and 22 further professors. They all present their research disciplines and methods with attractive examples. This online brochure can also be obtained in a high-quality print version at our faculty administration.

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History of the the Faculty of Geosciences

The Faculty of Geosciences of the University of Bremen looks back to a very dynamic development. After a long planning phase (since the foundation of the university) the first two professors were appointed in 1985 and the faculty was formally founded in 1986. 30 years later, our faculty and the closely linked MARUM Center have grown to be internationally recognized academic research and education institutions with 20 disciplinary units and four attractive B.Sc. and M.Sc. study programs.

At the event of the 30 year anniversary of our faculty, a 48 page brochure has been published:

Gerold Wefer
Geschichte des Fachbereichs Geowissenschaften der Universität Bremen



Brochure "Geowissenschaften studieren"

The German Geological Society (DGG) has a 150 years history and is the oldest geoscientific association in Germany. This brochure (2002, 44 p., in German only) by the DGG Committee of Young Geologists was made to raise interest in geological sciences and to helps taking good academic and professional choices. It outlines the manyfold applications of geosciences along practical career histories and answers questions regarding useful specialisations. Check out, if you could see yourself as a student and practitioner of geosciences. If so, you are bound to study successfully and also to find a suitable job at home or abroad.

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