Master Program Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy - Structure

Program Outline

During the first semester fundamentals of all core subjects are presented in lectures and accompanying exercises, including mineralogy, crystallography, chemistry and materials science. Furthermore, a two-semester training in a number of analytical methods starts and is continued in the second semester.
Here, the two-semester profile section starts which comprises 48 CP. Within a profile 30-42 CP are to be accumulated while 6-18 CP are to be selected from the second profile (for details see syllabus).
The General Studies module is dedicated to an elective course from the university`s program and a programming course.
Once the profile has been fixed, this is also a commitment for the choice of the research module. It is dedicated to the development and presentation of research projects and prepares the students for their master thesis.
The fourth semester is reserved for thesis work, which has to be defended in a colloquium.

Teaching units are predominantly scheduled as weekly assignments throughout an academic semester (Oct.-Feb.,Apr-Jul). Short field excursions (depending on the selected elective modules), lab work, or special projects may be scheduled as blocks assigned to a few weeks within a semester break.

Modules, 1st semester

Mandatory (6 CP each):
- Analytical methods I
- Mineralogy
- Crystallography
- Chemistry
- Materials science

Modules, 2nd and 3rd semester

Mandatory (6 CP each):
- Analytical methods II
- General studies

Profile Chemistry
- Solid state synthesis and identification (6 CP)
- Structure property relationship (6 CP)
- Surface chemistry and catalysis (6 CP)
- Functional surfaces (6 CP)
- Introduction to technical chemistry (6 CP)
- Research module chemistry I (12 CP)

Profile Mineralogy
- Crystal structure analysis (6 CP)
- Physical properties of crystals (6 CP)
- Functional ceramics (6 CP)
- Minerals and materials (6 CP)
- Petrology and isotope geochemistry (6 CP)
- Technical ceramics (6 CP)
- Special topics in material science (6 CP)
- Building materials (6 CP)

Compulsory elective (12 CP each):
- Research module chemistry II
- Research module mineralogy

Master thesis, 4th semester