Geoscientific Research Seminar

Lecturers: Torsten Bickert, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, Simone Kasemann, Volkhard Spieß


The Geoscience Research Seminar introduces the students to the processes involved in planning, developing and presenting research proposals. The seminar topics are selected in collaboration with the prospective thesis advisors, while a large extent of independence is expected in the development and presentation of detailed and comprehensive research concepts by the students. Students will develop a concept for their thesis project on current topics in marine geosciences. When entering the course, students are expected to have identified their broad research them and potential advisors. In addition, techniques of scientific inquiry (e.g., literature and data bank surveys, scientific rigor) and sound scientific conduct will be communicated and discussed.


Development of a sound research proposal for MSc thesis, discussion of the scientific goals and methods to be used.


1) A first presentation of the initial concept (10 minutes), followed by a discussion (5 minutes)(20%)
2) a final presentation and defense of MSc proposal in front of ad hoc committee (20+10 minutes)(40%)
3) a written thesis proposal (10 pages + references)(40%)


written report


Should be provided by the supervisor of the master theses