The Role of High Latitudes Oceans in Climate Change

Lecturers: Rüdiger Stein


Start on January 13, 08:30 am, room no. 1480/90.

The lecture provides insight in the paleoclimatic history of polar regions (Arctic, Antarctic) and its role in global climate evolution, with special emphasis on the Cenozoic. This includes the tectonic development and its impact on oceanographic circulation and high latitude biota, as well as the development of polar ice sheets and their effect on sea level and global thermal differentiation. The lecture will also discuss the role of the polar regions in driving and amplifying Pleistocene climate variability at millennial-centennial time scales. The lecture will also include an "excursion" to a core repository (IODP Bremen or AWI Bremerhaven) to see typical high latitude sediments recovered from the Southern Ocean and/or the Arctic Ocean.


The students will get an overview on the importance of the polar regions on global climate development at tectonic to centennial time scales.


Written report of practical day at the AWI (visual core description, smear-slide analysis, microscopy, etc.; interpretation of data)


oral exam


Specific references and internet-sources will be provided during the lecture.


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