Prof Dr H.-J. Kuss

Head of the working group
Tel +49 421 218 65250


since 1991 Professor of Geology, Bremen University

fall 1996 Visiting Professor on DAAD-fellowship, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

1989-1991 Researcher (DFG) at Hamburg University and Technical University Berlin

1988-1989 Habilitation Grant (DFG), Technical University Berlin (Habilitation accomplished 1989)

1983-1988 Assistant professor, Technical University Berlin

1983 PhD Erlangen University

Current Research Interests

Sedimentary geology, field studies, stratigraphic architecture, microfossils, stable isotopes past sea level and climate change.


Basin analysis
Sequence stratigraphy
Exploration geology
Introduction to plate tectonics
Field-mapping courses
Field excursions


since 2016 – The Cretaceous critical intervals: Paleo-environmental implications from black shale of Safaga area, Red Sea, Egypt, financed by DAAD, Morsy, Kuss, more

since 2012 – Facies control on the stratigraphic architecture of carbonate secquences (Triassic, Germany), Kuss and Msc-/BSc students (in co-operation with Geol. L.-A. Thüringen) more...

since 2005 - Platform crises of the Cenomanian Levant Platform – high-resolution studies of dysoxic sediments ( Central Jordan ): environmental changes, cycles, palaeoecology (DFG project Ku 642/20 in coop. with Stein [Awi, Bremerhaven] more...

2008 - 2012: Paleotectonic and Sedimentary evolution of the Jurassic and Cretaceous deposits of the Alddaw Basin (Palmyrides, Syria), financed by DAAD, Kuss, Ghanem, more...

2008 - 2012: Platform evolution around the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum (EECO) in a low latitude setting (Egypt) (DFG Project Ku 642/22) Höntzsch, Kuss, Scheibner, Rasser more...

2007 - 2010: Depositional architecture of a Miocene structurally controlled sub-basin of the Gulf of Suez - a collaborative project financed by the Egyptian government, Kuss, Abd-El Naby, Boukhary more...

2007 - 2010: Sequential patterns of a tectonically controlled basin - the Late Cretaceous hemipelagic Abiod Fm of Tunisia, financed by DAAD, Kuss, Seloua, Negra more...

2000 - 2002: Paleoceanographic processes and crises during the late Cretaceous and early Tertiary as recorded in basin, slope and platform series (DFG Project Ku 642/19 in coop. with Reijmer [GEOMAR, Kiel], Scheibner and Speijer) more...

2000 - 2004: Sedimentary response of drifting histories on the western Coast of Madagascar (DFG Project Ku 642/18) more...

1999 - 2003: Control parameters on the build up of carbonate platforms prior and after the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary in Central Jordan (DFG Project KU 642/16) more...

1999 - 2002: On the genesis of Mesozoic sedimentary basins in northeast Africa - sedimentologic and paleontologic interrelationships with tectonic processes (Volkswagen Foundation project) more...

1998 - Sea-level fluctuations of different order - Analysis of Mesozoic shallow marine sedimentation patterns and their controlling factors in connection with global signals and climatic change (FNK, Bremen Project) more...

1998 - 2001: Interaction of geodynamic and biosedimentary processes of the late Cenomanian - Coniacian southern Tethyan carbonate shelf, Sinai (DFG, Ku 642/15, in coop. with Dr Steuber/ Bochum) more...

1997 - 2001: Sea-level fluctuations of different order - Analysis and quantification of shallow marine sedimentation pattern and their controlling factors within the Cretaceous Tethys (DFG Project Ku 642/13) more...

1996 - 2000: Architecture of a carbonate platform-to-basin transition on a structural high (Campanian-early Eocene, Eastern Desert, Egypt)-classical and modelling approaches combined (DFG, Grad.-Koll.) more...


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