Platform crises of the Cenomanian Levant Platform - High-resolution studies of dysoxic sediments (Central Jordan): environmental changes, cycles, palaeoecology

Jens Wendler, Jochen Kuss, Rüdiger Stein (AWI)

DFG-Project Ku 642/20

The project focuses on two mayor targets:
A) A high-resolution investigation of the critical crises intervals concerning the switch from ventilated to dysoxic/anoxic conditions and back into oxic conditions. Major goals are firstly the palaeoecological reconstruction of the influence of oxygen-limited conditions on the platform sedimentation. Secondly, a correlation of the Jordan platform crisis events with the known boreal events will shed more light on their global triggering mechanisms.
B) High accumulation rates allow for an extraordinarily high time resolution which enables us to study high-frequency cycles. This is particularly promising in the mid-Cenomanian Karak Limestone which spans a rather short (less than 1 Myr) interval and, thus, will likely resolve sub-Milankovitch cyclicity.

Diploma Thesis of Pawel Gdaniec
Microfacies analysis and reconstruction of the palaeo-environmental development of high-resolution sedimentary cycles (Karak Limestone, Middle Cenomanian, Central Jordan )



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