Rania Morsy

Ph.D. student

Tel +49 421 218 65253


Since 2016 PhD student at University Bremen

Project: The Cretaceous critical intervals: Paleo-environmental implications from black shale of Safaga area, Red Sea, Egypt, financed by DAAD, Morsy, Kuss

Rania Morsy (DAAD-project)
In Egypt, the Upper Cretaceous – Paleocene sedimentary sequence has possible economic importance due to the occurrence of the black shales and phosphorites. Nowadays, black shale has gained attention as an energy resource as the depletion and the rise of conventional resources of petroleum. The Upper Cretaceous – Paleocene black shale is well represented in three wells in the Safaga area, namely; Um El-Huaitat, Mohamed Rabah and Wassief. Samples representing the complete Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene sedimentary sequence will be studied with respect to their stable isotopic signature (carbon and oxygen), a fundamental issue to investigate the paleo-environmental implications and to construct a high resolution chemostratigraphic chart. in with biostratigraphic data. The chemostratigraphic results will be correlated with the biostratigraphic, mineralogic and geochemical characterization of the studied formations.