Hussam Ghanem

Tel +49 421 218 65253


Since 2016 Post-doc, University Bremen

2008 - 2012 PhD student at University Bremen

Project: since 2016 “Intrinsic-extrinsic factors controlling depositional processes on an Anisian carbonate ramp (Lower Muschelkalk, Thuringia)”

2008 - 2012 “Stratigraphy evolution of carbonate platforms during Ichhouse and greenhouse periods im Syrian und Svalbard”

2008: Master Degree (Geology). Faculty of Science of Aleppo university –Aleppo Syria.

2007: Master Degree (Geology). Faculty of Science of Aleppo university –Aleppo Syria.

Thesis: Paleotectonic and Sedimentary Study of (Jurassic and cretaceous ) Deposition in Addaw depression in Palmyride Area.

2003: Diploma of high studies in petrology and geochimestry. Geology Department Faculty of Science of Damascus university- Damascus Syria

2002: B.A in Geology. Geology Department Faculty of Science of Tishreen university – Lattakia Syria.


Practical experience

- Mud Logging in Petro Service Syria from 1/2/06 to 1/10/2006

- Teacher in Albaath university (petroleum Engineering student).
1/10/06 to 20/05/2008

Teaching subject:
- Historical geology.
- Structure Geology.


3. Ghanem, H., Kuss, J. (2013): Stratigraphic control of the Aptian-Early Turonian sequences of the Levant Platform (Northwest Syria - Coastal Range) - GeoArabia 18: 85-132 PDF

2. Ghanem, H. Mouty, M. Kuss, J. (2012): Biostratigraphy and Carbon-isotope stratigraphy of the uppermost Aptian to Late Cenomanian strata of the Southern Palmyrids, Geoarabia 17: 155-184 PDF

1. Abd El-Naby A., Ghanem H., Boukhary M., Abd El-Aal M., Lüning S., and  Kuss J.,  (2010): Stratigraphy Interpretation of structurally controlled Deposition: Middle Miocene Kareem Formation, Southwestern Gulf of Suez, Egypt.  GeoArabia 15: 129-150 PDF