Sea-level fluctuations of different order - Analysis of Mesozoic shallow marine sedimentation patterns and their controlling factors in connection with global signals and climatic change

Martina Bachmann and Jochen Kuss

FNK Bremen (05/853/7)

The project is focused on the effect of global (sea-level change, climate change) and regional (tectonics) controlling factors on sedimentation processes on carbonate platforms. The investigations comprise carbonate depositional systems of different regions and time slices.
The regions comprises examples from the southern Tethys (Sinai, Israel and Tunisia), which will be compared with examples from the northern Tethys. The time slices include periods with greenhouse conditions and high global sea level (Upper Aptian–Cenomanian) and those ones with cooler climate and lower sea level (Barremian–Lower Aptian, Upper Jurassic).
The compilation of the analyses parameters (biochronostratigraphy, variations of sedimentation patterns and facies, sequence stratigraphic and cyclostratigraphic interpretation, stable isotopes) allow the recognition of palecologic changes and variations of the sedimentations patterns on the individual carbonate platform systems and the interpretation in connection with local and global concepts.