Platform evolution around the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum (EECO) in a low latitude setting

Stefan Höntzsch

During the Eocene a large number of biotic and oceanic perturbations are recorded that, however, are underexplored with respect to their repercussions on carbonate platforms. The proposed project will contribute to understand the interaction between carbonate production, major changes in carbon cycles and global/local climate changes. We will study the sediment dynamics, the faunal/floral composition, habitats, and changes of carbonate-segregating organisms, to filter out the effects of warming and cooling on the environment and the biota. We will focus on global warming events, like the EECO (Early Eocene Climate Optimum), a long-term warming episode during Early-Middle Eocene or short-term warming events (hyperthermals) like the Elmo or the “xevent” in the Early Eocene. Comparisons with data from warming events and biotic changes on carbonate platforms, e.g. during the PETM (Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum - a short-term warming episode at the Paleocene/Eocene boundary) will allow to define the important paleontologic and sedimentologic parameters of carbonate platforms that are due to climatic perturbations, closely linked to the global carbon cycle. We will concentrate on the various Eocene platform environments and platform-slope settings of the NGWA (North Galala-Wadi Araba High, Egypt) that are linked with basinal settings and thus allow the correlation of platform events with oceanic events.


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