05-MCM-2-W1C Solid State Synthesis and Identification

Representative: Thorsten Gesing


This module should deeply introduce into preparation methods and special characterisation and working techniques of solid state chemistry. Problems occurring during solid state preparations (thermodynamic, defects, kinetic, metastability) together with classic and modern synthesis methods (solid-solid, phase transitions, precursor materials, sol-gel, hydrothermal reactions etc.) will be explained and discussed.
Selected examples (close to actual scientific work) of different synthesis methods will be practically trained and the products identified and characterized.

Learning Outcome

After finishing the module the students should be able:
• to name and use different kinds of solid state synthesis methods
• to do X-ray and spectroscopic phase identifications
• to validate the use of analytical methods to answer solid state specific open questions


Fundamental knowledge of diffractions methods (X-ray, neutrons) are helpful.


180 hours / 6 CP
Solid State Reactions:
• time for teaching and exercises (1 h x 14) 14 h
• time for preparation and post processing 26 h
• preparation of exams 20 h

Solid State Synthesis and Characterisation:
• time for teaching and exercises (4 h x 14) 56 h
• time for preparation and post processing 44 h
• written reports 20 h


module exam (combined marks):

written exam100 %
protocolnot graded


Special literature as given in the lecture and practical course