Electron induced chemical reactions

Lecturers: Petra Swiderek


Electron-induced elementary processes (Mechanisms of electron-molecule interactions, excitation, electronen attachment, ionisation, subsequent reactions, kinetics of processes)
Experiments on electron-induced processes (Vakuum, surface analytical techniques: TDS, RAIRS, ESD, HREELS, XPS)
Relevance of electron-induced reactions (Technical applications of keV- and MeV-electrons, Irradiation with low-energy electrons, plasmas, lithography, radiation damage, atmospheric and cosmic chemistry)
Modification of surfaces by electrons (Technical processes, selected examples)


After successful participation in this course students will
- know about the principles of electron beam methods for the modification of molecular layers and the relevance of electron-induced reactions in selected areas of research and technology.


seminar talk


Will be proposed during the course