Molecular Layers

Lecturers: Petra Swiderek


Relevance of nanoscopic molecular layers (areas of application, recent examples)
Preparation of monomolecular layers (self-assembly, PVD, growth modes and their kinetics, epitaxy, Langmuir-Blodgett-layers, SAMs)
Methods for investigating the structureof nanoscopic molecular layers (Overview, contact angle, ellipsometry, diffraction, optical spectroscopy, electron spectroscopy, scanning probe techniques)
Surface modification and structuring (Silicon surfaces as selected example, processes for surface structuring)


After successful participation in this course students will
- known important processes for preparing molecular layers on surfaces
- be able to explain the physical and chemical principles behind these processes
- be able to select suitable analytical methods to analyse the structure of molecular layers
- be able to describe and explain applications of molecular layers on surfaces


seminar paper


Will be proposed during the course