Heterogeneous Catalysis

Lecturers: Marcus Bäumer


The lecture will cover the following topics:
- Basic questions and concepts of heterogeneous catalysis
- Different types of het. catalysts
- Preparation of catalysts and different target variables
- Use of het. catalysts in industry: chemical engineering issues
- Mass transport limitation and diffusion
- Characterization of pores
- Reaction mechanisms of het. catalyzed reactions
- Understanding of het. catalyzed reactions: study of surface reactions under ultra-high vacuum conditions


The participants of the course shall...
- know traget variables for the synthesis of het. catalysts and judge possibilities to influence their structure
- be able to describe catalytic processes on surfaces on a macroscopic and microscopic level and predict how the structural properties of a catalysts will influence these processes
- judge the potential of model catalytic studies to clacrify catalytic mechanisms


seminar talk


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