Structure Property Relations

Lecturers: Thorsten Gesing


Brief Introduction to Materials, Structures and Properties
1. Historical Perspective, Crystalline and Non-crystalline Materials, Polycrystalline and Bulk Properties
2. Bond Valence Theory and State-of-the-Arts
3. Defects and Distortions
Thermal Properties of Materials
4. Thermal Expansion (General Overview, Isotropic, and Anisotropic Thermal Expansion)
5. Thermal Expansion Coefficients, Anisotropic Factor, Grüneisen Function
6. Mathematical Treatment (Modeling) of Thermal Parameters
7. Low Temperature (sub-zero) Stability
Magnetic Properties of Materials
8. General Overview and and Hysteresis
9. Neutrons, Magnetism and Magnetic Structures
Tensor Properties of Materials
10. General Overview, Rank and Representation
11. Thermal Expansion Tensors
12. Electrical Conductivity Tensors
Property Investigations and Tools
13. Case study-1 (Sodalites, X-ray diffraction, IR, NMR)
14. Case study-2 (Mullites, Neutron Diffraction, Pair Distribution Function)
(The material class of the case studies could change with respect to actual scientific questions)


• crystalline and non-crystalline solids
• thermal expansion of solids
• magnetism and magnetic structures
• Tensor properties of solids
• to correlate structures and their properties in case studies
• to work out structure property relations out of scientific literature and explain the relations correctly


written exam