Building Materials Analysis & Characterizations

Lecturers: Michael Wendschuh


In the whole process of construction the analysis and characterization of materials plays an important role for quality assurance. Corresponding analyses are performed on the raw materials prior to their input into the production process of materials or elements, and quality control testing is carried out during the production process for monitoring. After the production, compliance testing of the products with the relevant technical specifications, e.g. materials standards, is performed. Also during the erection of a structure, control testing on the performance of materials or elements is carried out.
The most relevant material characteristics of mineral building materials are explained. Then, the importance of these material parameters for the design of a structure or the performance of a building is discussed. These material characteristics are derived from the application of standardized test procedures, e.g. CEN or ISO standards.
Materials characterization also is performed in the analysis of corrosion reactions or pre-mature damages or failures. Aside from a broad variety of physical and chemical test methods accelerated corrosion tests are carried out.
In this lecture, reference is made to the lectures on “Mineral Binders and Ceramics” as well as "Corrosion of Building Materials” for the discussion of materials characteristics.


Understanding the meaning of materials characteristics and the underlying methods for their determination.


written exam