until SuSe 2016/17: Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Mineral Sciences

Lecturers: Rolf S. Arvidson


Thermodynamics in Mineral Sciences covers stability, phase transitions and reactions of minerals. Thermodynamic state functions like volume, enthalpy, entropy and free energy are developed in detail to be able to predict stable phases and parageneses in equilibrium. This is discussed as a function of variables of state as pressure, temperature and composition. Kinetics are also covered, yet to a much smaller extent.


Students will be able to evaluate phase compositions and parageneses from a thermodynamic point of view.


One or two written exams, depending on the students' vote.


written exam


Greg Andersen: Thermodynamics of Natural Systems, Oxford University Press
Ladislav Cemic: Thermodynamics in Mineral Sciences, Springer bzw. Ladislav Cemic: Thermodynamik in der Mineralogie, Springer
Klaus Meyer: Physikalisch-chemische Kristallographie, VEB Deutscher Verlag für Grundstoffindustrie, Leipzig (vermutlich nur noch antiquarisch)
Andrew Putnis: Introduction to Mineral Sciences, Cambridge University Press