Mineral Surfaces and Reactions

Lecturers: Andreas Lüttge


This course covers the processes that govern fluid/mineral or fluid/rock interactions from low-temperature conditions up to the pressure and temperature conditions throughout the Earth's crust.
An introduction will be given on various experimental techniques like Vertical Scanning Interferometry, Electron and Atomic Force Microscopy and modelling techniques like Monte Carlo and ab initio methods. Furtheron, the surface dynamics on minerals, glasses and metals and their role in water/rock interactions will be covered.


The students will be able to understand the dynamics and kinetics of fluid/solid interactions as well as many geologic (and technical) processes including mineral reactions in sedimentary basins, weathering, the fate of nanoparticles in the environment, atmospheric and global change, environmental pollution, hydrothermal systems, and the containment of radioactive wastes.


written exam