Crystal Optics

Lecturers: Reinhard X. Fischer


- basic theory of crystal optics
- optical properties of minerals and inorganic crystals
- wave theory of light
- polarizabilities and refractive indices
- birefringence and retardation
- optical dispersion, Sellmeier approximations using least sqares procedures
- refractive index measurements
- spindle-stage methods
- extinction curves and determination of the orientation of the optical indicatrix
- the Gladstone-Dale concept
- calculation of mean refractive indices from empirical, electronic polarizabilities


The students will be able to understand, to measure and to interprete optical properties.


written exam


Donald Bloss: Optical crystallography
Donald Bloss: The Spindle Stage: Principles and Practice
Dyar, Gunter, Tasa: Mineralogy and optical mineralogy