Former Research Group Crystallography 1995 - 2022


    Former Prof. Dr. Reinhard X. Fischer

    (Only in German)
    1980 Diplom Mineralogie Universität Mainz; 1983 Promotion Universität Mainz

    1983-85 Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA; 1985-86 E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Wilmington, USA; 1986-91 Mineralogisches Institut, Univ. Würzburg; 1991-95 Heisenberg Stipendiat der DFG Inst. für Geowissenschaften, Univ. Mainz; 2003-2006 Konrektor für Forschung; 2008-2016 Mitglied im Fachkollegium 316 der DFG.

    Professor in Bremen seit 1995

    Kristallchemie, Technische Mineralogie, Röntgen- und Neutronenbeugung, Kristalloptik, Kristallzüchtung

    Our research area covers the chemical, crystal-chemical, and physical characterization of minerals and synthetic inorganic compounds. The focus is on the systematic compilation and standardization of zeolite- and mullite-type compounds as well as the derivation and compilation of optical constants, the development of a comprehensive software package for Rietveld analysis, the display of crystal structures combined with crystal-chemical calculations, the identification and quantification of minerals in marine sediments, and the characterization of technical products. Student training and research are closely related to industrial applications, which is supported by the Central Laboratory for Crystallography and Applied Materials Sciences (ZEKAM) .

    Working Area

    Zeolites, ion exchangers, catalysts, and mullite-type compounds, ceramic materials, marine sediments, oxidic nanomaterials


    X-ray and neutron diffraction, thermal analysis, crystal growth, crystal optics, molecular modelling with force field and quantum - chemical methods


    Telefon +49 421 218 - 65164