Deanery Meeting

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach

GEO-Gebäude, Raum 5590

Geosciences Working Group

Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann

Cancelled due to corona-virus! The Piesberg near Osnabrück and its fossils

MARUM I room 0180
19:20 s.t.

Doctoral Examination Board

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pichler

GEO-Building, Room 3010

Geosciences Working Group

Thursday, 16. January 2020 - 19:20 Uhr s.t.
MARUM I room 0180
Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann

Fossile Foraminiferen in Sedimenten des Ozeanbodens in der Karibik

Foraminiferen - eine mikroskopische Reise in die Vergangenheit der Ozeane

Foraminifera - a microscopic journey into the past of the oceans

Lecturer: Prof. Michal Kucera

Foraminifera are the unsung heroes of climate research Their ornamented calcite shells, preserved in the sediments of the sea floor, form a unique archive of past ocean change. Together we embark on a journey through the geological history of foraminifera, highlighting their success and following their manifold interactions with the evolution of the oceans.

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