Faculty Board Meeting

Prof. Dr. Simone Kasemann

Videokonferenz (StarLeaf)

Geoscientific Colloquium

Dr. Baptiste Dafflon (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Coupling geophysical methods and remote sensing data to improve the quantification of Arctic permafrost dynamics in a changing climate. 

only online
(via Zoom)

Geosciences Working Group

Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann

Geological excursions in the Vocontic Basin in the South of France

Youtube-Livestream (YouTube-Kanal GSUB)
19:20 s.t.

Doctoral Colloquium

Katja Stanislowski

Ancient volcanic ash - a cause of the December 2004 Sumatra earthquake and tsunami?

Marum 2070
16:00 c.t.


Dr. Baptiste Dafflon (Lawrence Berkeley Nat Lab): Coupling geophysical methods and remote sensing data to improve the quantification of Arctic permafrost dynamics in a changing climate

Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 8th December, 16:15 online via Zoom

Understanding interactions between permafrost, soil, land surface, vegetation and atmospheric processes is critical for predicting the storage and flux of water and carbon, particularly in the changing Arctic environment. more

PD Dr. Karsten Gohl appointed as Honorary Professor of Polar Geophysics

Karsten Gohl has been working as a geophysicist at the Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven for 20 years and has gained a high international reputation for his successful research of the polar regions using seismic methods. At our faculty, he has been responsible for the introductory class on plate tectonics since 2008 and supervised numerous doctoral theses and dissertations. Karsten Gohl has long been an active and reliable contributor to the collaboration between the Alfred Wegener Institute and FB5. In recognition of his excellent achievements in research and teaching, the University of Bremen already granted him the Venia Legendi in 2015 and appointed him now on November 1st as Honorary Professor of Geophysics of the Polar Regions. The presentation of the certificate will be celebrated during the upcoming faculty council meeting. more

Geoscientist from Bremen investigates volcanic eruption on La Palma

Andreas Klügel from the department "Petrology of the Ocean Crust", who has been conducting petrological investigations of volcanic rocks from La Palma (Canary Islands) since 1993, visited the island from October 12-19 and observed the still ongoing volcanic eruption. A report and interview about his work was presented on 22 October on buten un binnen: more

Geoscientific Colloquium - "Perspectives of non-seismic applied near-surface geophysics"

The Department of Geosciences has invited young, international geophysicists to present in our Geoscientific Colloquium this year entitled `Perspectives of non-seismic applied near-surface geophysics`. more

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