Deanery Meeting

Prof. Dr. Michal Kucera

GEO-Gebäude, Raum 5590

Lecturer Meeting

Studiendekan Dr. Torsten Bickert

Meeting of the teachers board

GEO lecture hall 1550
10:00 s.t.

Geosciences Working Group

PD Dr. Jens Lehmann

The Arctic Lecture: At eye level with the polar bears

MARUM I Room 0180
19:20 c.t.

Promotion Colloquium

Friday, 16. February 2018 - 13:15 Uhr
GEO-Gebäude, Raum 1550 (Hörsaal)
Miriam Sollich

Greasy news from hydrothermal systems: what lipidomics can tell us about microbes in extreme environments