Deanery Meeting

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach

Videokonferenz (StarLeaf)

Geophysics Research Seminar

Tiago Alves, Cardiff University, UK

Lithospheric Break-up Sequences: Is there a common stratigraphic record for distinct continental margins?

Zoom meeting:

Geosciences Working Group

Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann

Clay, Sand and Gravel - Lacquer Films as Archives of the Ice Age

Youtube-Livestream (YouTube-Kanal GSUB)
19:20 s.t.


Heisenberg-Program funds Michael Fischer´s zeolite research

Dr. Michael Fischer was recently awarded a DFG Heisenberg grant to conduct “Comparative, modelling-based investigations of pharmaceutical adsorption in zeolites“! In the funded project, he will use his experience in the field of atomistic modelling to study the adsorption of pharmaceuticals in zeolites. We sincerely congratulate Michael on this great success and are very pleased that he can continue to work in the department with his intellect and commitment and provide valuable impulses . more

Huanying ni Zhang Yang! You are cordially welcome, Yang Zhang!

To our great joy, Dr. Yang (Wendy) Zhang managed her way from USA via China to Bremen despite worldwide Corona restrictions. Starting March 1, she holds a 3-year research associate position in our Marine Geophysics / Paleo- and Environmental Magnetics Section. She will take over the teaching of Janna Just, who now works at the Bremen ZMT. After her master’s degree in Marine Science from China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, Yang Zhang went to Purdue University (USA) for PhD research on "cycle-scaled magnetostratigraphy for global correlation of selected major paleoclimatic events in the Triassic, Cretaceous and Quaternary". As shipboard paleomagnetist of IODP Expeditions 367-368 (South China Sea) and 378 (South Pacific Paleogene Climate), Yang Zhang would like to gain new insights into the "Eocene-Oligocene transition" using paleo-, environmental and biomagnetic methods at Bremen. more

Faculty welcomes Tanja Koppen

The department´s examination office has had a new employee since October 1, 2020: Ms. Tanja Koppen has succeeded Ms. Susanne Steinfeld. In addition to the master’s courses, Ms. Koppen also oversees the doctoral committee. Ms. Koppen has been at the university since September 1, 2012. Initially, she worked in Department 07 before moving to Department 08 in March 2018. Department 05 is pleased that we were able to win Ms. Koppen for the examination office and looks forward to further cooperation. more

The sea level has reached our Faculty

Since March 2019, Alessio Rovere has been head of the junior research group ´Sea-Level and Coastal Changes´ at MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen. In April 2020 he was appointed as ´Professor´ according to §17 BremHG. In November, he and his group moved to the third floor of our faculty (GEO2). We congratulate Alessio on his appointment and warmly welcome him in our building! We are pleased that the paths to "sea level and coastal research" have now drastically shortened for everyone working at the department. And that with Alessio´s inspiring teaching and scientific enthusiasm, the bright Mediterranean sun, which has been steadily rising in GEO2 for several years now, will make our beloved North German cloud cover shine even more beautifully! more

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