Faculty Board Meeting

Prof. Dr. Simone Kasemann

Videokonferenz (StarLeaf)

Doctoral Colloquium

Hadar Elyashiv

Numerical DEM modelling as an essential tool to understand submarine landslides

16:00 c.t.

Doctoral Colloquium

Agathe Maria Eijsink

How earthquakes occur on rough faults

GEO 1550
16:00 c.t.


Oldest footprints of pre-humans were found in Crete and dated

with participation of Bremen paleomagnetist Edoardo Dallanave

The oldest known footprints of pre-humans were found on the Mediterranean island of Crete and are at least six million years old, as discovered by an international team of researchers led by Uwe Kirscher and Madelaine Böhme of the Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at the University of Tübingen, with the collaboration of Edoardo Dallanave from the Faculty of the Geosciences of the University of Bremen. Their study, based on magnetostratigraphy and micropaleontology dating, has now been published in the journal Scientific Reports. more

Role reversal in the FB5 deanery

With the start of the winter semester 2021/22, the leadership of the Department of Earth Sciences rotated from Dean Prof. Wolfgang Bach and Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Cornelia Spiegel-Behnke to the newely elected team of Dean Prof. Simone Kasemann and Dean of Studies Prof. Heiko Pälike. This is a good time to recognize their activities, which are very significant for all of us:
The two previous and now deputy incumbents look back on two unexpectedly difficult, but also extremely successful years: In March 2020, the Corona crisis hit our study and research operations, against which they had to intervene with unprecedented measures: Almost overnight, all face-to-face teaching was switched to distance learning; a large part of the staff had to move to the home office. Nevertheless, our five reformed geoscientific degree programs could be succesfully accredited in May 2020 by virtue of a convincing new curriculum and well-managed evaluation. more

Masterproject of Bremen Students accepted Germany´s most beautiful Geotopes in 3D

Our students, Janin Scheplitz and Burhan Senyener, have worked on a 3D-model of the Piesberg stone quarry near Osnabruck in the frame of their Master project, that is shown as from 15th September on the website of „Digital Geology“. Watch it in any case!! more


Even after the OPEN CAMPUS WEEK ends on June 11, all online content will be available until the end of the anniversary year. Visit our department with virtual tour and our pagoda with videos and information! To do so, go to the university´s interactive map and click on the Geo Building. Enjoy!

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