Partner Institutions

Worldwide Research Activities and Cooperations

Members of our faculty have been pursueing geoscientific research on all continents and oceans for some 25 years, wherever possible in collaboration with scientists of the host or bordering countries. As participants of many coordinated research programs, they cooperate closely with renowned marine, polar and earth science institutions in Europe and overseas. The global networking of our faculty is reflected in many joint expeditions, workshops and publications. As these partnerships are mostly personal and project-specific, they cannot be adequately represented here. We are always open for new cooperations and initiatives. Please forward proposals to the respective research groups.

Regional Research Partnerships

Our conception of modern geoscience requires bridging to life, marine, polar, atmospheric, material, engineering and information sciences. In order to develop and consolidate strategical interdisciplinarity, we have signed cooperation contracts with geoscientifically oriented federal research institutions in northwestern Germany:

Executive positions are are jointly appointed as cooperation professorships. Young geoscientists of these partner institutes promote or habilitate by rule at our faculty. Students of our bachelor and master programs can optionally realize their thesis projects at these partner institutes. Representants of all these institutions as well as of our Faculties 01 (Physics/Electrical Engineering), 02 (Biology/Chemistry) and 04 (Production Engineering) have been contributing substantially to our geoscientific study programs for many years.

International Partner Universities of our Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate Programs

Our Faculty offers attractive, contractually regulated options for semesters abroad at all study levels. Thematically suitable courses are being offered by our Erasmus partner universities at Bergen, Tromsö and Svalbard (Norway), Bologna (Italy), Cadiz (Spain), Cluj (Rumania), Göteborg (Sweden), Hamilton (New Zealand), Istanbul and Izmir (Turkey), Jhongli (Taiwan), Qingdao (China), Reykjavik (Iceland), Southampton (United Kongdom), Utrecht (Netherlands) und Valparaíso (Chile). Two International Postgraduate Programs were established with the University of Waikato, NZ (INTERCOAST) and a Consortium of eight canadian universities (ArcTrain)