Geosciences Working Group

Thursday, 11. October 2018 - 19:20 Uhr s.t.
MARUM I Raum 0180
PD Dr. Jens Lehmann

History of the marl lime pits of Höver and Misburg near Hanover
Lecturer: Jürgen Reinhard

They are equally well known as sources of raw materials and fossil sites: the limestone marl pits of Höver and Misburg in the immediate vicinity of Hanover. Marl limestone dating back to the latest Cretaceous are mined at these sites, which are about 73-83 million years old. Much is now known about the former creatures and their presumed environment because of a variety of fossils discovered, however, that these rocks are quarried for more than 100 years in these places is less known. The lecture will focus on the history of these excavation fields. The cement works Alemania in Höver was already built between 1907 and 1908, the plants in Misburg have their origins in predecessors which were operated from 1873 onwards.

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