Research Professorship – Marine Geology

    Former Research Professorship Marine Geology 1985 - 2009

    Research Professorship – Marine Geology

    Former Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gerold Wefer

    Prof. Dr. Gerold Wefer, born in 1944, is a Professor of Marine Geology at Bremen University, Germany.

    After studying and working in the Geology Department at Kiel University and Scripps Institution of Oceanography he moved to Bremen in 1985.

    His main areas of research include:
    sedimentation processes in shallow water; ecology of benthic foraminifera; carbonate production in boreal and tropical seas; distribution of stable isotopes in calcareous organisms; particle flux (carbon and associated elements) in high latitudes and in the South Atlantic; paleoclimate in the South Atlantic.

    Dr. Wefer has participated in over 30 major research cruises, many of which as chief scientist.

    Since 2001 he is director of the research center "The Ocean in the Earth System" - MARUM (former RCOM) of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

    The subject of research is the Earth’s crust, the outer shell of our planet, which is observable and accessible. Sedimentary deposits in the oceans and shallow seas are the focus of our research. Our studies centre on climate reconstruction, ocean circulation, and productivity conditions, with the purpose of drawing inferences about the causes for climate development through the past. These include investigations of particle flux in the ocean, and the documentation of present-day environmental conditions in microfossil communities and isotopes. Samples are retrieved by research and drilling ships and are analyzed in special laboratories. We also develop and deploy new technologies for observing and sampling the water column and sea floor (including remotely operated vehicles, ROV’s, autonomous underwater vehicles, AUVs, underwater drill MeBo) and for underwater data transmission.

    Working Area

    South Atlantic; continental slope off Chile/Peru; NW Africa and Japan


    Sampling of the water column and sediments; sedimentological and micropaleontological methods; dating; modeling


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