PD Dr. Christian Scheibner

Research Assistant

Tel +49 421 218 65252


2010 Habilitation thesis "Carbonate platforms during icehouse and greenhouse climates"

since 2004 University of Bremen, Assistant Professor

2003 – 2004 University of Potsdam, Post-doc research fellow

2000 – 2002 University of Bremen, Post-doc research fellow

2000 Field Assistant in the project "Devonian stratigraphy and sedimentation" in cooperation with Dr D. Blomeier from Norsk Polar Institute

2000 Ph.D. Thesis "Architecture of a carbonate platform-to-basin transition on a structural high (Campanian-Early Eocene, Eastern Desert, Egypt) - classical and modelling approaches combined

1996 – 2000 University of Bremen, Ph.D student

1992 – 1993 two terms in the School of Ocean Sciences in Bangor (Wales) in the Master Course "Marine Geotechnics" as an Erasmus student

1989 – 1996 University of Kiel/GEOMAR


Introduction to scientific working

Geological structures and maps

Basin analysis and Sequence Stratigraphy

Field excursion

Mapping course

Sedimentology field course


Recent debris-flow in Lomfjorden, NE Spitsbergen, (2004): Videoclip by H. Forke and C. Scheibner (5MB, 34 Sec) more...

Picture Gallery Svalbard 2004 more...

Picture Gallery Svalbard 2007 (Scalp4) more...

Maastrichtian and Paleocene simulation run more...


since 2010 - Platform evolution in the Paleogene of Syria, Scheibner, Cakir, Ghanem

since 2008 - Platform evolution around the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum (EECO) in a low latitude setting (Egypt) (DFG Project Ku 642/22) Höntzsch, Kuss, Scheibner, Rasser more...

since 2004 - Climatic evolution at the northern rim of Pangea (Svalbard) during Permian/Carboniferous times in Svalbard (DFG Projects SCHE 685/3-1) more...

and northern Ellesmere Island, Canada (SCHE 685/6-1) more...

2003 – 2004: Linking biocalcification to the global carbon cycle: carbonate systems during the Paleogene (DFG project MU 2367/3-3) more...

2000 – 2002: Paleoceanographic processes and crises during the late Cretaceous and early Tertiary as recorded in basin, slope and platform series (DFG Project KU 642/19) more...

1996 – 2000: PhD thesis: Architecture of a carbonate platform-to-basin transition on a structural high (Campanian-early Eocene, Eastern Desert, Egypt) classical and modelling approaches combined DFG-Graduierten Kolleg Stoff-Flüsse in marinen Geosystemen more...

1995 – 1996: Diploma thesis within the DFG project of John Reijmer (GEOMAR) The evolution of Lower Jurassic carbonate platform: Sequence stratigraphy and sedimentation patterns (Jbel Bou Dahar, High Atlas, Morocco) DFG Project RE 1051/1 more...


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28. Höntzsch, S., Scheibner, C., Brock, J.P., Kuss, J. (2013): Circum-Tethyan carbonate platform evolution during the Palaeogene: the Prebetic platform as test for climatically-controlled facies shifts, Turkish Journal of Geology 22: 891-918. PDF

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Scheibner, C, (2009): Carbonate platforms during icehouse and greenhouse climates. 402 pp University Bremen (Habilitation thesis)

Scheibner, C. (2000): Architecture of a carbonate platform-to-basin transition on a structural high (Campanian-early Eocene, Eastern Desert, Egypt)-classical and modelling approaches combined. Berichte aus dem Fachbereich Geowissenschaften der Universität Bremen, Nr. 186 173pp. (Ph.D. thesis)

Scheibner, C. (1995): Geologische Großkartierung des mittleren Teils des Djebel Bou Dahar, Hoher Atlas (Marokko) mit Beiträge zum Übergangsbereich Hang-Innere Plattform einer Karbonatplattform und Beiträgen zur Mikrofazies. 154 pp. Christian Albrechts Universiät zu Kiel, Germany (Diploma Thesis)