Master Program Marine Geosciences - Examinations

In General

In the program Master Marine Geosciences examinations are normally offered at the end of the lecture period. Homework, presentations, reports, etc. may apply throughout the semester. The exact exam dates will be communicated at the beginning of the lecture period.

Exam types

Each module concludes with a module mark. The module examination may consist of one or more exams (graded) and / or academic achievements (not graded). For details, in particular the number, type and scope of performance records and their weighting in the calculation of the module mark are defined in the module description.

Module Exam:A module is completed with a single examination or coursework. If the exam is graded, the mark counts with 100% for the module grade. Concludes a module with "passed" or "not passed", this module is not included in the calculation of the final Master grade.
Combined Marks: A module examination may conclude with a combination of tests and coursework. Each performance within a combination examination must be passed. The module-grade calculation is up to the module coordinator. Only the module grade is visible in Pabo.
Course marks: The module grade can also consist of exams taken in the individual courses within modules. Each exam counts for the module grade in the amount of the credit score of its course in Pabo.

With the first application in PABo for an examination of a module starts a period with a total of 5 semesters in which the entire module has to be successfully completed. If the deadline has passed without having completed the module`s exams, the compulsory deregistration will follow. Cancellation of registration for an exam in case of illness as well as holiday semesters are not counted.
Irrespectively you must register in PABo for any further exam-try you would like to take.