Internationales Masterstudium Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy

Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy is an international postgraduate study program covering application related topics ranging from raw materials to industrial products.

The curriculum is divided into a general mandatory part and an elective part focusing on either chemistry or mineralogy.

The mandatory part (42 CP) includes lectures and exercises in the fields of mineralogy, crystallography, chemistry (solid state and surfaces) and materials science, and a broad education in analytical methods.
In the elective part (48 CP) special topics and skills in the field of materials chemistry or mineralogy are covered.

The interdisciplinary study program is offered in cooperation of the Depts. of Geosciences and Chemistry with strong contributions from the Engineering and Physics Depts. and the University of Applied Sciences.


- Explicit interest in natural sciences and materials, their use, characterization and development,

- B.Sc. in chemistry, materials science, or in a geoscientific field with a specialization in crystallography or mineralogy,

- Very good command of the English language (English proficiency test, level C1 for non-native speakers),

- Ability to work both independently and as part of a team,

- Intercultural competence.


- Materials-oriented industries such as glass, ceramics, refractories, paper, dye, pharmaceuticals, gemstones and building materials,

- Materials-dependent fields such as biomineralization, dentistry, electronics, energy supply and storage, and crystal growth,

- Recycling, waste management and remediation industries,

- Materials research at universities and other research institutes,

- Knowledge-based work in quality management, patent systems, environmental authorities, education and consulting.

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