Bachelor Program Geowissenschaften

"Planet Earth" - how is it working and how has it developed during time? What physical, chemical and biological processes inside and on its surface characterize the Earth today and how was it shaped in the past? How can the Earth remain a living planet and how can we simultaneously benefit from its treasures?

The Bachelor program Geosciences provides a basic, scientifically profound understanding of "System Earth" and enables graduates to professionally contribute to the sustainable development of our living space.
The program opens the possibility to deepen in three of nine subject specializations, and builds a solid scientific basement for entering a master`s program.


  • University entrance certificate
  • solid basics in maths, physics and chemistry
  • basic computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet, internet research)
  • good command of English (literature!)
  • deep interest in natural sciences
  • good spatial sense


The interdisciplinary program prepares students for employment in all professional sectors, where geoscientific aspects apply. Geoscientists are in demand particularly in the fields of raw materials, energy, water and soil studies. Graduates carry out investigations for construction projects such as roads, dams, disposal sites, and for environmental issues, explore and exploit groundwater, oil, gas, mineral deposits and natural building materials, manage ground decontaminations and assume various functions within administration, media, product development and public relations.
The bachelor`s degree is the first professional qualification in geosciences. It is also the main prerequisite to enrol and further qualify in a master`s program.

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