Sedimentology – Palaeoceanography

    Former Research Group 1993 - 2020

    Sedimentology – Palaeoceanography

    Former Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Henrich

    1979 Diploma in Geology/ Palaeontology, University of Marburg
    1983 Promotion in Geology/ Palaeontology at the University of Marburg
    1993 Habilitation for Geology/ Palaeontology at the University of Kiel
    1991 Albert-Maucher Award

    1980–82 Geological Institute, University of Marburg
    1982–83 Geological Institute, TH Darmstadt
    1983–89 Geological Institute, University of Kiel
    1989–93 GEOMAR, Kiel

    Professor in Bremen since 1993

    Research areas:
    Marine Geology, Palaeoceanography, Sedimentology, General Geology, Regional Geology

    We apply carbonate and clastic sedimentology, micropaleontology (coccolithophorids, pteropods and planktic foraminifers) of modern, Quarternary and Tertiary systems to reconstruct various aspects of climate change and marine sedimentation.

    Working Area

    Main topics are sediments from different pelagic and continental shelf environments, also including studies of pelagic communities in the water column. Working areas are located in the North and South Atlantic also including the research disciplines of gravity mass wasting and turbidity - versus contour current induced sedimentation on continental slopes off NW- and S-America. In the focus are climatically triggered sedimentary processes linking land-ocean interactions putting main emphasis on the shelves and continental slopes of NW-Africa and S-America. In addition, geological mapping and facies analysis in the Northern Limestone Alps is carried out in co-operation with the Geological Survey of Austria.


    Elemental analysis, electron and light microscopy, granulometry (Sedigraph, Atterberg), carbonate microfacies analysis, micropaleontological preparation techniques of sediment samples and plankton assemblages in surface waters


    Telefon +49 421 218 - 65190