Petrology of the Ocean Crust


    Petrology of the Ocean Crust

    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach

    (Only in German)
    1991 Diplom in Mineralogie, Universität Gießen; 1996 Promotion in Petrologie, Universität Gießen

    1995-1996 Universität Potsdam; 1996-2005 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Professor in Bremen seit 2005

    Submarine Vulkan- und Hydrothermalsysteme und deren Interaktionen mit der Biosphäre; Bilanzierung von Stoffflüssen zwischen Erdmantel, Ozeankruste und den Ozeanen; Stoffliche Entwicklung der Erde

    The continuous construction and destruction of seafloor is a hallmark of the dynamic Earth. The petrology group studies various aspects of mass and energy transport in this important part of the plate tectonic cycle that controls the chemical evolution of Earth and its reservoirs. Sampling of rocks with research vessels and deep submergence vehicles is followed by geochemical and mineralogical analyses in the lab in order to unravel how ocean crust and oceanic islands form. The group also studies hydrothermal systems that form when seawater interacts with hot ocean crust and that host massive sulfide deposits as well as unique chemosynthetic ecosystems.

    Working Area

    Mid ocean ridges where new oceanic crust is produced by seafloor spreading; subduction zones where oceanic crust descends into the mantle; seamounts and oceanic island volcanoes


    Microscopic investgation of rocks; preparation of samples in clean rooms; geochemical analyses using electron microprobe, mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and laser ablation ICP-MS; micro computer tomography (μ-CT); thermodynamic modeling


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