Marine Technology – Environm. Research


    Marine Technology – Environmental Research

    Prof. Dr. Volkhard Spieß

    1981 Diploma of Geophysics, University Bochum;
    1985 Promotion in Geophysics, University Bochum;
    1992 Habilitation für Geophysics, University Bremen

    1981­-85 Institute for Geophysics, University of Bochum;
    1985­-93 Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen

    Professor in Bremen since 1994.

    Research Areas:
    Fluid systems and gashydrates, data bases, high resolution multichannel seismics, digital sediment echography, seismic stratigraphy and deep sea drilling.

    A modern multichannel seismic equipment is used to collect very high resolution data sets in conjunction with digital echosounding and swath mapping data. Beyond technical and software developments for data acquisition and processing, we focus on multifrequency seismoacoustic imaging of small scale structures in surface sediments as well as comparisons of seismic records with drilling and core data.

    Working Area

    Hydrothermally driven fluid migration over sedimented oceanic crust – Channel-levee systems in deep-sea fans – High resolution seismic stratigraphy – Current controlled sedimentation in mud wave fields and drift deposits – Gas hydrates in hemipelagic sediments – Software development for seismic data acquisition, processing and archival – Optimization of marine seismic instrumentation for high resolution – Pre-site surveys for scientific drilling.


    Digital sediment echosounding, swath mapping of seafloor – high resolution multichannel seismics – seismic data processing and interpretation – correlation between drill holes and seismics and seismic modelling.


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