How to activate a fire, explosion or intoxication hazard alarm

  • Activate fire alarm box in the corridors or dial 112 , communicate precise fire or hazard location and describe the incident.
  • Then notify the University Control Central via phone number 07.
  • Notify FB5/MARUM fire safety assistants
  • Start firefighting with available fire extinguishers (see right column), but keep your own safety!
  • Activate the heat and smoke removal system by push-button.
  • In case of burning electrical devices cut power supply by pushing emergency shutdown switch.
  • In case of emissions of hazardous substances leave room at once and close doors.
  • Lead approaching fire squads to the scene.

Building evacuation in case of fire alarm

  • At the sound of an alarm /megaphone or emergency notification (including alarm drill) stop your work at once and advance to official gathering points: FB5 gathers at Klagenfurter Straße north of SuUB Library, MARUM 1+2 assembles at the parking place Leobener Straße north of MARUM
  • Close room doors, but don't lock them! Never use elevators!
  • Not reacting persons must be alerted and prompted to leave the building. Help disoriented, injured or handicapped persons to escape.
  • Identify safe escape ways and then leave the building calmly.
  • Possible escape routes lead over corridors and stair cases, or over lateral fire escape doors and stairs, or over room windows and emergency exit balconies.
  • If none of the escape routes are accessible, close doors and make yourself noticed (by phone call, shouts, waving) until you are rescued by the fire fighters.
  • After arrival at the gathering place, identify your room mates and group members and report missing persons
  • During alarm conditions, any return into the building is prohibited. Reentering is only admitted after clearance by fire service and university management.
  • Salvage of material goods is only admitted if no human lives are endangered and lifesaving and firefighting are not impeded.

Rules of conduct in dangerous situations due to violent actors

  • Any evidence of acts of violence on campus (killing spree, hostage-taking, shootout, terror) is signalized by a telephone general alarm with special acoustic signal and text display "Danger! Stay in the room!"
  • At direct threat, run for cover! Don't expose yourself to danger!
    Lock room doors, hide behind walls, stay clear of windows!
  • Avoid provoking the attacker. Leave all intervention to the police.
  • Stay and wait under cover until all-clear signal is given! Open doors only to the police.
  • If you can provide own observation or information regarding acts or actors of violence on the campus, please dial 110 to notify the police.