Geochemistry and Hydrogeology

    Research Group

    Geochemistry and Hydrogeology

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Pichler

    The group studies water movement and material transport in aquatic systems for example in river and harbour sediments, in deep-sea sediments and in aquifers. The complex (bio)chemical reactions between dissolved substances, rocks and organisms control the distribution and movement of nutrients and pollutants in the environment. The research group Geochemistry/Hydrogeology in Bremen is involved in a number of national and international projects covering diverse areas from climate research to legacies of mining operations and drinking water quality.


    Field and laboratory methods, electronic data processing – field and laboratory equipment for the study of water movement and of material transport in water-insaturated and in water-saturated areas – analytical research methods for the determination of material contents in water and in sediments – analytical and numerical models of flow and material transport, models of thermodynamic reaction and transport, geostatistical and statistical methods for the interpretation of results and for prognosis.


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