Kristallographie & Geomaterialforschung


Crystallography & Geomaterials Research Group

News: Ella Schmidt has been awarded this year´s Max-von-Laue Prize. The award is presented by the German Society for Crystallography for "outstanding scientific work by young scientists in the field of crystallography" more

We investigate the atomic structure of crystalline materials. The combination of experimental methods and simulation-based analysis approaches helps us to understand complex materials. We are inspired by naturally occurring atomic structures in geomaterials to understand the relationship between short- and long-range ordering phenomena, structure-property relationships, host-guest interactions, and formation processes of distinct materials. We are part of the Research Faculty MARUM and the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes.

Studied Materials:

We are interested in crystalline materials with complex local atomic structures. This includes minerals occurring in the earth’s crust as well as synthetically produced compounds, especially microporous materials (zeolites and metal-organic frameworks) and mullite-type compounds.


  • Powder- and single crystal diffracton at various temperatures with X-rays, neutrons and electrons
  • Thermal analysis
  • Crystal growth
  • Molecular modelling with force fields
  • Density functional theory calculations
  • Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis
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group retreat Cuxhaven Oct.2022

About us:

The Crystallography & Geomaterials Research Group is located at the FB05 Geosciences of the University of Bremen. The current group leader is Junior-Professor Dr.  Ella M. Schmidt. Dr. Michael Fischer is a Heisenberg Fellow in the group and leads the research on Crystalline Microporous Materials. Dr. Paul Klar represents the associated research group Materials Mineralogy. The group was established in 1996 by Prof. Dr. R. X. Fischer. Here you can find the current team as well as former group members aka Kristallumni.

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