Kristallogrpahie & Geomaterialforschung


Our Group

Jun-Prof. Dr. Ella M. Schmidt
Group leader
(since 01.02.2022)
Email: Ella.Schmidt(at)
Phone: -65160

Gabriele Ebert

Email: gaebert(at)
Phone: -65161

Dr. Michael Fischer
Heisenberg Fellow & Leader
Crystalline Microporous Materials

Email: michael.fischer(at)
Phone: -65163

Dr. Johannes Birkenstock
Senior Scientist

Email: jbirken(at)
Phone: -65165

Dr. Iris Spieß
Senior Scientist

Email: ispiess(at)
Phone: -65171

Dr. Christoph Vogt
Senior Scientist

Email: cvogt(at)
Phone: -65170

Dipl. Ing. Thomas Messner
 Engineering Scientist

Email: tmessner(at)
Phone: -65166

 Dr. Paul Klar
  Associated Scientist & Leader
  Materials Mineralogy
Email: paul.klar(at)
Phone: -65161



Lobna Saaed
  PhD Candidate

Email: lobna(at)
Phone: -65163

Jakob Brauer
  PhD Candidate

Email: jabr(at)
Phone: -65163

Prof. Dr. Reinhard X. Fischer;
Former group leader (till 09.2021)

Email: rfischer(at)
Phone: -65164

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schneider
Fellow of the University of Bremen

Email: Hartmut.Schneider(at)

Maybe you?
Please contact us for open positions and/or thesis options!

All phone numbers start with: +49 421 218 -
A list of former group members and their current activities can be found here
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