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February 2024

Prof. Ella Schmidt - Junior Professor of Crystallography & Geomaterials  - has been awarded this year´s Max-von-Laue Prize. The award is presented by the German Society for Crystallography for "outstanding scientific work by young scientists in the field of crystallography". Ella Schmidt receives the award "in recognition of her work on a novel approach to the quantitative analysis of diffuse scattering using the three-dimensional difference pair distribution function". The young scientist has been working on the distribution of defects in disordered crystalline materials since her doctorate. In addition to classical X-ray diffraction, she also uses neutron diffraction and electron diffraction, thus making a fundamental contribution to understanding a variety of materials at the atomic level.
Ella Schmidt will receive the award at the 32nd annual conference of the German Society of Crystallography on March 18 in Bayreuth.

You can read more about the award and the research topic here:
- List of award winners on the DGK website:

Ella is also featured in the new University of Bremen online publication Up2date. more

October 2023

A paper of Prof. Ella Schmidt is published in Nature Communications incl. Artwork Cover: Schmidt, E.M., Klar, P.B., Krysiak, Y., Svora, P., Goodwin, A.L. & Palatinus, L. (2023) Quantitative three-dimensional local order analysis of nanomaterials through electron diffraction. Nature Communications 14, 6512
(9 pages), .

August 2023

A paper of us became the cover of the Journal Environmental Science Advances:
Fischer M (2023) Density functional theory study of hydrophobic zeolites for the removal of triclosan from aqueous solution. Environmental Science: Advances 2:1082-1098,

July 2023

In the current issue of the University of Bremen publication Up2date. a feature is published on crystallography research and lecturing.

Ella Schmidt is showing Thorsten Gesing an analysis of diffraction diagrams
By analyzing diffraction diagrams in detail, Ella Schmidt can determine the local order of a crystal.
© picture by Matej Meza / Universität Bremen


June 2023

April 2023

Now our Nature Portfolio papers are (nearly) published:

On Thursday, 20.04.2023, our colleague Paul Klar with coworkers published an article in Nature Chemistry. :

Accurate structure models and absolute configuration determination using dynamical effects in continuous-rotation 3D electron diffraction data

presents a method to analyse 3D electron diffraction (3D ED) data as a tool for routine structure analysis for all kinds of materials, including minerals, framework structures and organic compounds. With modern electron crystallography, we can reveal structural details like guest molecules in zeolites, the position of hydrogen atoms in framework structures and the absolute structure in nanosized to submicrometric crystals with a typical thickness of about 100 nm.

Christoph Vogt is Co-Author on a Nature Communications paper:

Coastal El Niño triggers rapid marine silicate alteration on the seafloor

figure 1
Fig. 1: Schematic of marine silicate alteration reactions. See

and soon another paper with Chr. Vogt as Co-Author will be published on Arctic Ocean Paleoceanography in Nature Comm. Earth and Environment: Omnipresent authigenic calcite distorts Arctic radiocarbon chronology,

Several paper of Prof. Reinhard X. Fischer have also been published, check out our Research->Publications Pages.

March 2023

We have a first 2023 wave of accepted manuscripts. Some are at the Nature Portfolio system (stay tuned), some are finally published (1, 2) :




Today the highly ranked Journal Science  published our paper including an related perspective  article by Omar M. Yaghi and Zichao Rong :


January 2023

We welcome a new researcher: PhD candidate Christin Wiggers. She will work on a MARUM  funded project related to Olivine mineral crystallography.

File:Olivin-mt-erebus hg.jpg

November 2022

The manuscript of E. G. Meekel, Ella M. Schmidt et al. (10 more others) "Truchet-tile structure of a topologically aperiodic metal-organic framework" has been accepted on 18.11.22 by the high-ranked journal Science.  A preprint version of this paper has been deposited at

November 2022

Prof. Ella Schmidt will give a public lecture  on "Kristallographie - von Mineralen zu Batterien und Solarzellen" (only German) in the Geowissenschaftlicher Arbeitskreis, 10.Nov. 2022, Marum I Raum 0180, 19:20 Uhr s.t..

October 2022

Nature Geosciences has emphasized the importance of minerals by introducing the new essay/blog "Minerals Matters", see relevant stories in "All Minerals considered" here

August 2022

Check out our colleagues public (German) science talk on you tube: Zeolithe - "Kochende Steine mit Anwendungen in Haushalt und Technik"...

August 2022

We welcome 3 new researcher associated with our group: Lobna Saaed, Jakob Brauer (PhD students in the Crystalline Microporous Materials  group) and Dr. Paul Klar (own research group on Materials Mineralogy themes) who is also welcomed by the Geoscience Department here.

June 2022

We welcome Prof. Juan Manuel García-Ruiz as guest lecture in the Geoscience Department colloquium  on Wed 8. June at 12:15 in GEO1550 (The formation of giant gypsum crystals: nucleation, growth and preservation). In recognization of his immense achievements, the German Crystallgraphic Society has recently awarded Juanma the Liebau-Prize for the Promotion of Interdisciplinarity in Crystallography. To celebrate this award and to allow for a lifely exchange of opinion and ideas, there will be a reception with beverages and finger food after the lecture just outside of the lecture hall. (Source: FB05 Geoscience Department Web Page)  

May 2022

We offer a PhD job for 36 month in cooperation with MARUM on OLIVINE solid solution series and compounds. Materials with the olivine structure are frequently studied for various applications. If you are interested in crystallography and want to look for some diffuse scattering, please get in touch with us as the deadline for application has passed.

April 2022

Our team member Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schneider will receive the Georg-Agricola-Medal for his scientific research on Applied Mineralogy by the Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft.
Check the information of the German Mineralogical Society DMG

February 2022

We welcome Prof. Dr. Ella M. Schmidt as new group leader.
See department news.

We also welcome guest scientist Vårin Trælvik Eilertsen of the Geosciences Department, Tromsø, UIT The Arctic University of Norway.
See her video on explaning  her research on Arctic Ice Sheets.

October 2021

Reinhard X. Fischer retires (not quite yet)
See department news

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