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    Girl`s Day Offer Geosciences on April 28, 2022

    How to read Earth History from Stones and Sediments?

    At Girl`s and Boy`s Day on April 28, 2022, we will show students from school geoscientific methods that they can apply directly in the event on rocks and sediment cores.... more

    Publisher: Dr. Ulrike Wolf-Brozio

    Course Evaluation Online until 6th March 2022

    Dear students, how good is the teaching of our geoscience study programs? Please evaluate the courses of the winter semester 2021/22 and let us know your opinion. Make sure your comments are heard and help improve the quality of our teaching. The course evaluation is organized by our Dean of Studies Office. You can participate in the course evaluation via Stud.IP. All information is anonymous. If you have any questions about the course evaluation, please contact Barbara Ventura ( Thank you for your support! ... more

    Publisher: Dr. Barbara Ventura

    Moin and welcome Ella!

    We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Ella Schmidt as a new junior professor in the field of crystallography at the Department of Earth Sciences.

    Ella Schmidt joins us from the prestigious University of Oxford in the UK, where she has been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Chemistry since 2019. Her scientific interests are broad and focus on investigations of disorder phenomena in crystalline materials based on single crystal diffraction methods. She successfully pursues an interdisciplinary approach, combining physical and chemical approaches.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Andreas Lüttge

    Dr. Ulrike Werban (UFZ Leipzig): Near surface characterization using geophysical and optical methods supported by machine learning

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 2nd February, 12:15 online via Zoom

    Sustainable management of water and nutrients in agricultural landscapes requires reliable data to support informed decisions. As geophysical characterization offers insights in processes driving the soil–plant–atmosphere continuum there is a great potential ... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    Dr Hendrik Müller (BGR Hannover): Magnetic imaging of deep-sea hydrothermal systems

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 26 January, 12:15 online via Zoom

    Hydrothermal fluid circulation in the oceanic lithosphere is a crucial process for chemical and heat transfer and the basis for unique biological habitats in the deep ocean. ... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    Day of Remembrance: Geosciences during the National Socialist era

    Dies Academicus on January 27, 2022, from 4 pm

    Which major German expeditions took place between World War I and II and how did they influence the politicisation of science? And how did Jewish geologists fare during the Nazi era? What importance did they have? The Department of Geosciences at the University of Bremen will shed light on these and other aspects on the Day of Remembrance. As part of the university´s central event on 27th of January 2022, interested persons are invited to attend two public lectures at 4 pm. ... more

    Publisher: Dr. Ulrike Wolf-Brozio

    Popular Bremen excursion destinations in the Alps put on paper

    Many geoscientists consider it a great privilege to be able to combine professional activity and a passionate hobby. Rüdiger Henrich has used the time of retirement since April 2020 to finally write down some of the newly gained knowledge and unforgettable experiences during numerous field events and to make them available to the interested public. The result so far has been three articles published in the journal "Fossilien - Erdgeschichte erleben".

    Excursions are "the salt in the soup" for students of geosciences. At present, however, their realization is often only possible to a limited extent or virtually. Rüdiger Henrich would be very pleased if his new contributions were used intensively by teachers, students and all other interested parties to explore the described fascinating excursion destinations on their own initiative.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Tilo von Dobeneck

    Three international geoscientic MSc programs on offer

    Personalized aptitude tests are downloadable now until February 25th

    Are you interested in applying to an international MSc program in Applied Geosciences, Marine Geosciences or Materials Science Chemistry and Mineralogy at the University of Bremen?

    Our geoscientific MSc study programs, which were refocused on new, future-oriented topics in 2021, are now starting their second round of applications! Currently and until February 28, you can apply in the MOIN application portal (My Online Information Network) of the University of Bremen with start of study winter semester 2022/23, and register until February 25 for the required successful aptitude test at our online test portal.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Tilo von Dobeneck

    Dr. Yang Zhang (Uni Bremen): Cycle-scaled magnetostratigraphy for geologic time scale calibration

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 19th January, 12:15 online via Zoom

    Accurately dating the geologic time is key to understanding the processes in Earth history, and especially critical to paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions and modeling.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    Dr. Florent Szitkar (Geological Survey of Norway): Magnetism and Hydrothermalism: A winning combination

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 12th January, 12:15 online via Zoom

    Since the discovery of hydrothermalism in the 1970s, underwater exploration has unraveled an unexpected diversity of hydrothermal sites in terms of geology, minerals and fluids. Hydrothermal fluids drain minerals from the deep crust, which progressively form mineral deposits that could become interesting mining targets.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    Dear colleagues, dear students,
    with our beautiful Christmas tree in the background, the Dean´s Office wishes you and your families a happy and healthy Christmas and a relaxed start into 2022.A heartfelt thank you to all for the good and trustful cooperation.... more

    Publisher: Dr. Ulrike Wolf-Brozio

    Dr. Sebastian Uhlemann (Lawrence Berkeley Nat Lab): Geoelectrical monitoring to assess natural hazards and to image the impact of climate change

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 22 December, 12:15 online via Zoom

    Climate change is causing a shift in weather patterns leading to more frequent occurrences of intense weather events, like extreme rainfall or prolonged droughts. These changes have severe impacts on various subsurface conditions that in turn impact many communities worldwide, ranging from slope instabilities, to permafrost thaw in the arctic, to groundwater shortages.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    Graduation Ceremony Geosciences 2021

    On December 03, 2021, the Department of Geosciences said goodbye to its graduates in a festive ceremony and awarded the prizes for the best theses. The happy award winners (f.u.l.t.r.d.): Sileola Joseph Akinbodunse, Clemens Simon Röttgen, Janin Scheplitz, Linda Langemann, Amanda Sylvia Stock.... more

    Publisher: Dr. Ulrike Wolf-Brozio

    Dr. Baptiste Dafflon (Lawrence Berkeley Nat Lab): Coupling geophysical methods and remote sensing data to improve the quantification of Arctic permafrost dynamics in a changing climate

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 8th December, 16:15 online via Zoom

    Understanding interactions between permafrost, soil, land surface, vegetation and atmospheric processes is critical for predicting the storage and flux of water and carbon, particularly in the changing Arctic environment.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    Dr. Brendan Reilly (Scripps, Uni California): Iceberg Alley Lithostratigraphy, Paleomagnetism, and the Plio-Pleistocene Rhythms of Antarctic Climate

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 1st December, 16:15 online via Zoom

    For over 50 years, the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and its predecessor programs have recovered and archived long sedimentary records of Earth’s climate and geomagnetic histories for international scientific study. Together, these histories have been central to the study of the timing and pacing of Earth’s climate events.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    PD Dr. Karsten Gohl appointed as Honorary Professor of Polar Geophysics

    Karsten Gohl has been working as a geophysicist at the Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven for 20 years and has gained a high international reputation for his successful research of the polar regions using seismic methods. At our faculty, he has been responsible for the introductory class on plate tectonics since 2008 and supervised numerous doctoral theses and dissertations. Karsten Gohl has long been an active and reliable contributor to the collaboration between the Alfred Wegener Institute and FB5. In recognition of his excellent achievements in research and teaching, the University of Bremen already granted him the Venia Legendi in 2015 and appointed him now on November 1st as Honorary Professor of Geophysics of the Polar Regions. The presentation of the certificate will be celebrated during the upcoming faculty council meeting.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Tilo von Dobeneck

    Dr. Kristina Tietze (GFZ Postdam): Active and passive electromagnetic surveying of drillable depths - Challenges and perspectives for exploration and monitoring

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 24th November, 12:15 in GEO 1550 and via Zoom

    Exploration and monitoring of targets at drillable depths are becoming increasingly important to identify sustainable energy supplies (e.g., geothermal reservoirs), geo-resources (e.g. mineral, hydrocarbon, water) or underground storage sites (CO2, nuclear waste). ... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    Dr. Pritam Yogeshwar (University of Cologne): Boat-Towed Transient Electromagnetics - Investigation of the Furnas Volcanic Lake Hydrothermal System, Azores

    Geoscientific Colloquium lecture on 17rd November, 12:15 online via Zoom

    Water-covered areas may lead to gaps in surface electromagnetic surveys, causing reduced resolution and, as a consequence, increased uncertainty in derived subsurface models. Boat-towed floating central loop time-domain electromagnetic techniques can mitigate this problem. Our proposed system facilitates obtaining data with a spatial sampling density, which is rarely possible with standard instrumentation on land, and it only requires moderate logistical effort.... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers

    Geoscientist from Bremen investigates volcanic eruption on La Palma

    Andreas Klügel from the department "Petrology of the Ocean Crust", who has been conducting petrological investigations of volcanic rocks from La Palma (Canary Islands) since 1993, visited the island from October 12-19 and observed the still ongoing volcanic eruption. A report and interview about his work was presented on 22 October on buten un binnen: more

    Publisher: PD Dr. Andreas Klügel

    Reinhard X. Fischer retires (not quite yet)

    Prof. Dr. Reinhard X. Fischer has built up the Crystallography Section at our Faculty of Geosciences and led it very successfully for more than 26 years. He will officially retire on October 1, 2021 and has therefore already vacated his office on the second floor for the crystal physicist Dr. Ella Mara Schmidt (Oxford University), who will succeed him as Junior Professor in February 2022. During this transition period, Reinhard Fischer will kindly continue to teach crystallography and supervise student research projects in the Bremen Master´s program "Materials Science Chemistry and Mineralogy", which he developed. He also wants to push forward some of his still sparkling research ideas and will therefore be frequently present at our faculty and maintain a new office there. Thank you and all the best, Reinhard!... more

    Publisher: Prof. Dr. Tilo von Dobeneck